Chapter 8 part 3!

Hey guys!

After countless hours of writing, editing, illustrating, and coding, the final part of Chapter 8 has gone Public!

It has been published under the designation 'FBTW-'

I hope you'll enjoy it, as lots of love and effort went into this one!

To start the new chapter, please use the Chapters tool and select ' Latest Release' for the most optimal result.




May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022

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how do i download this chapter? lol

U just can't, u have to download the newest build, hope this helps <3

oh my gosh idk why it i didnt realize it before lol i figured it out! thank u sexc <333


So here's my opinion not to offend anyone. *Possible Spoilers*

Well sometimes its better for the past to stay in the past, you know... not everyone is a clean or innocent. I still don't know what happen (and don't intend to stick my needle into a hay bale).

But now regarding the issue... Yeah probably most of the people here play on PC/Linux/Mac, but on Android seems to be rather...** behind I'd say it never got the part after the cooking for like an entire year. So I quickly decided to well play the PC Version and damn I guess something did happen. **

-(Addressing the difference in content) Probably forgot to update the Android version I'd guess? or the Version of Ren'py stopped supporting android... IDK.~

 -(Now regarding the floating heads) Possibly the Sprites were removed during process, try to put sprites of each character on a different folder to Organize a little bit if possible should probably just update the "Call/Get function for the New Folders created Direction".

Overall Rating of the Visual Novel I'd say 9/10.

-I don't mind that it takes 3 months to update since you can't rush it if you're mostly working alone or in a smallish team. The only thing that I'd say needed work possibly is well the Android Issue of being like gap possibly with the New Chapter added you possibly could work on it, and if in the future you want to add new routes make an smallish gallery.


Funny because it is a free VN. Entitled much?

Don't you know how to be disappointed without throwing your crap at other people?


yeah some people need to calm down a bit , there is no need for all this hate towards the creator

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There are plenty of free VNs like Shelter that get regular updates. FBTW is a bit odd in that Kael runs a monthly patreon, but only updates every 100 days or so. It's a long wait. Even patrons only really get an update every 2 months or so.


You are right, Kael puts out updates nearly every other month. What a cheat right? I suggest you go to Patreon HQ and ask them to cancel everyone's support for their own good, because they clearly don't know what they're supporting. It doesn't matter that his updates, on average, are 2-3x bigger than other VNs. That clearly does not make up for delaying it by 2-3 months. Personally, I never gave him any money (though I would like to). It's just that when something free gets delayed I have to ruin it for everyone else, and instead of calming down I will throw my rage at the creator. I heard doing that makes the updates come out faster.


So true, King. You can practically feel my frothing rage when I show up every few months to make some comments on his page that he doesn't read. The pipe bomb is already in the mail. There will be justice, inshallah.


Привет, Каэль!

Давно хотел написать об этом, но думаю, что уже некоторые люди и так вам сообщили. У вас на главной странице сайта  написано "The next update is planned for April 2022", и это вводит меня в маленькое заблуждение) 

Очень надеюсь, что новое обновление скоро выйдет в свет! Удачи вам в работе над этим проектом, он мне очень нравится!


Типа перевод~ heh TrAnSlAtIoN

Hello, Kael!

I've been wanting to write about this for a long time, but I think some people have already informed you. You have on the main page of the site it says "The next update is planned for April 2022", and this leads me into a little confusion)

I really hope that the new update will be released soon! Good luck working on this project, I really like it! :3


Is there gonna be an update soon it like cut off at an odd time lol


within this week according to cael


Need a mod here. The vengeful trolls are back at it again. 


Does anyone know when vn is going to be updated?

(1 edit)

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

ScriptError: could not find label 'b1c8p3skip'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "b1c8.rpyc", line 8083, in script

  File "C:\Users\matia\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa9556.44425\FBtW-\renpy\", line 1697, in execute

    rv =

  File "C:\Users\matia\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa9556.44425\FBtW-\renpy\", line 898, in lookup

    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'b1c8p3skip'.

how do i fix this? 

Delete all and reinstall the game last update


After playing this game for awhile, here are my opinions about it. Contains some spoilers.








The story is great, having good building about the world and the struggle with each individuals we met. It's cringe sometimes, ngl but it's make even more interesting to read. Just one thing: why the MC sometimes (if not always) be such a moron throughout the story? I know we're having amnesia, but that doesn't mean we're some brainless ape who always said they won't intrude into others' business, but then his next word is "I just want to help" sort of thing. I know it's typical for us to try helping them, but that doesn't mean we tried to keep digging in more to satisfy our curiosity. Plus when the MC saw the gold, his sudden slipped of mouth making me facepalm so hard, like boy are you trying to get you and Ranok killed?! And when talking with Vulgor as well, he just cannot shut up and provoke the man even more as if he liked to be stabbed till dead. 

The most furious thing in this chapter, is that MC becoming a total dick and a two-faces. Ranok told him about his past with Tano because he TRUST the MC, yet later on when the poor wolf said to leave MC to Strandback the boy started acting like a fucking idiot and a spoiled rat, even bringing up the topic which Ranok just FUCKING TOLD HIM EARLIER JUST TO GET BACK AT THE WOLF. He said as if the wolf is a bad guy there when he just wanted to SAVE OUR FUCKING LIFE. He knew letting us to stay with him will cause us harm so he tried his best. Yet the MC, as a fucking dick, keep acting like he's the victim there. Yes, we're still haven't had memories back but that doesn't mean we treated our dear wolf like that. He's done everything to help us, and what MC did was just there acting like a fool


If this is how you feel you will probably like the next update. If you cannot wait for the free release, just become a patron for 1 month and get the update now.

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Блин, про всяческие "выходки" Главного Персонажа согласен. Я пытался понять его поведение, но, блядь, Я НЕ МОГУ ЭТОГО ПОНЯТЬ! Действительно, зачем вести так с... (человеком?) с Волком, которому далеко не насрать на тебя, даже за те выходки (я бы уже психанул и отдал бы Вулу на растерзание, ей богу...)! Однако теперь мне даже интересно, чем закончиться история и во что это всё уйдёт. Надеюсь, что всё будет отлично, и нас ждёт красивый финал.

Damn it, I agree with all sorts of “antics” MC. I tried to understand his behavior, but I, DAMN IT, CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT! Really, why behave like that with… (man?) with a Wolf who is loyal to you, even for these antics (I would have already gone crazy and given the Wool to be torn to pieces by Vulgor ...)! However, now I wonder how this story will end and what all this will lead to. I hope everything will be fine, and we will have a wonderful ending.


Not gonna lie I'm a little frustrated with how passive the protag is. Like if I found out I was property because a bunch of wanna-be celts decided NOT to kill me while unconscious and their 'prince' was lying to me the whole time. My first instinct would NOT be to start mooning over said prince.

The world building is interesting but gods preserve me this is getting very very frustrating and I don't know how much more I can take before those frustrations overwhelm my curiosity.


spoiler ig?

I think it's time for the MC to grow up in Strandbard, skip a month or two for him to be more "mature".  I like how someone finally talks some sense into him now


Amazing update, just recently finished, and I must ask

1. is there a place to find the music used throughout the game it is really pretty and I would love to have them in a playlist (such as the music used when in an emotional moment with Ranok or music that plays during the second feast)

2. Will our choices actually effect the story? in the older download of the game whenever you select a chapter it asks what your previous choices were and in the new download it no longer does that making me worried our choices kind of didn't mean much... I hope this is fixed/changed in future updates but that's completely up to you (the dev)

Other than those questions I must say this is quite an amazing novel! and I hope you see to working on it all the way to the finish because it is a beautiful story and the characters are very lovable! 


I'm sure you can look it up for Youtube and easily find it. But just in case.

Far beyond the world OST - YouTube

I don't think there is an official one but people have put up a few songs.

Even the Dream a little dream of me is there. Far Beyond the World OST - Dream a Little Dream - YouTube



I know it's been a while, and I decided to read through FBtW from the beginning again. I just have a mad theory. Idk if it's accurate, but it might make sense (at least to me lol).

Could the whispers be Aluna?

I mean, sometimes the whispers are calm and helpful (not directly, except the screenshot below) and labeled as "Whispers," but sometimes they're labeled as "Ominous Whispers." Below is a scene with Verissa on the Moonwell when Caelan was woken up by a whisper, only to be led to her because they both needed comfort. The other picture is of the Oninous Whispers that Caelan is hearing throughout the story. Could this be referring to Aluna's two sides? Just as Ranok and Vulgor are two sides of the same moon? I mean, they did say she was incredibly fickle. Just putting it out there haha. Carry on and have a nice day!

I'm about to kill, he just left us in the forest alone like that, I AM HURT (Btw spoilers)


Oh. So the comments weren't disabled. 

Well, the android version is unplayable, as all the characters are just floating heads. Tried contacting Kael on Twitter about it, but no response.  

I was replaying a bunch of visual novels I used to play for nostalgia, but coming back to seeing this body-less build....I'm gonna have to skip this until next patch. 


Does anyone know when the next update will be?


KaelTiger did a pre-release for chapter 4.9.1 for patreon supporters about 2 weeks ago. Some sprites were still missing but I enjoyed the story. The public release should be out soon, maybe even this weekend.

Ohh, thanks!

(1 edit)

Sorry but the next build might take a while longer. The UK is experiencing its worst heatwave ever so Kael is limited to working on the VN at night when its cool enough; if its cool enough. 

If you don't believe me look up what's happening to the airport runways in the UK or something along those lines and you'll see how hot it is there. The heat from his PC would be crazy at that point.

ohhh okay thanks


you dont have air conditioners in the UK ? lol

I'll take that as sarcasm. Its jus t that its so hot that the Air conditioners normally used for homes/apartments are not powerful enough to  make a big impact on the heat.  I'm sure it helps but to have an electric bill soaring through the sky wouldn't be ideal. 

I'll assume you are not from northern/central Europe looking at your comment.

We are not used to such high temperatures, neither are our houses, they never needed to be in the past.

Very few people have AC here, none of my friends do really, I installed one just two years ago when moving, because neither I nor my family ever needed one before.
I suppose with time that will change, as the heat-waves become more frequent and harsh, but as it stands now, not many here are prepared for the climate change.

(1 edit)

I estimate another month at least for Beta and 2 more weeks after that for public. Too much is happening in the UK right now.

Again its an estimation. Don't quote me.

alrighty thabks!











Just finished the latest build and let me just say it was such an emotional rollercoaster and i'm all here for it!

you just know a visual novel is good when it can get you happy, sad, mad, jealous and scared!

Spoiler alert.!!!

One thing i hoped for in this chapter was when caelan fell asleep while camping and everything went downhill, that he'd wake up from it, because i did feel like this omnious entity that presents herself as mother had a grasp on this chapter and really is gonna play a bigger part then we know of right now.

Needless to say i cant wait for the next update ♡♡♡

Does anyone have a fix for this it occurs after you argue with Ranok and go to bed once the screen goes dark this appears. I've re-downloaded the game and that didn't fix it so if anyone has any advice on what to do I would appreciate it.

... That's what I meant by "approaching start from behind".

But I'm not playing from an earlier chapter 

When I picked start it put me AFTER the argument, so it was an earlier chapter.

If you read to message from KaelTiger at the top of this page you will see "To start the new chapter, please use the Chapters tool and select ' Latest Release' for the most optimal result.".

Doing so will allow you to pick the story up right after the previous chapters ending.

(3 edits)

Could have put a warning on the front page or something.  That fast forward had me confused.

I kept expecting flashbacks to in between.

And now that I'm seeing the between this new set isn't looking as good as the old one.  ... Because of the floating heads.

Oh.  looks like approaching start from behind (playing from an earlier chapter) causes an error.

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