FBtW Chapter 13!

Clarification for those confused by the new numeration - we have undergone a slight internal rearrangement of Chapters to bring them to a consistent format, make it easier for people to jump between the builds, and generally streamline the experience.

Chapter 13 (FBTW-0.13) is what previously would've been called Chapter 9p1 (FBTW-4.9), and from now on future chapters will increase incrementally with each update.

This is the last change to the VN format, and by the end of the year, we should have the entirety of the story merged, with the Chapter Select menu serving as an easy navigation tool.

I’m sorry for the delay, but this build is finally complete and contains all the sprite work intended for this Public release.

To play the latest instalment, simply press Start.

If you want to continue over from the Old VN version, use Chapter Select tool and click on Chapter Nine - this will start the story where the old version cut off.

I hope you'll enjoy this update, especially considering a brand-new song performed for FBtW by the amazing and insanely talented ShadyVox!




FBTW- 0.13 PC 636 MB
87 days ago
87 days ago
FBTW- 0.13 LINUX 598 MB
87 days ago
FBTW- 0.13 MAC 619 MB
87 days ago

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For those who don't know. Chapter 14 should be coming to Itch in the range of 2 weeks from Nov 30, 2022.  The delay is due to Kael and Elath house searching as the area is unsafe and they can't afford the absurd raise in rent which more than doubles their previous rent.  I'm not sure how the search is going but let's pray (if you do so) and hope that they are able to find a new home and move there safely.


I think everyone could understand, but some people like me would appreciate a heads up from somewhere official like the page or a ping in discord instead of a comment from down here


Hope they find a safe neighborhood tho


FBtW is mainly a hobby to him, But it's a job to his patreons. So, he'd most likely tell them.

He under no obligation to inform the itch page.  I get it, I love the story as much as the next person, but I can't be entitled to something that's not mine.  So, I'll leave him be to make his story the standard he set himself to have. 

If he did mean to, he most likely forgot. The Uk has been getting out of hand lately. 

Thanks for the input ☺️ Hopefully, they will find a safe home!


When its the last day of November- 👀


Sorry about that but it will be delayed. As my post above yours that is causing the delay.  Life does happen it suck for a lot of people in the UK. 

Ohh, okay, thankd for the headsup!


No problem. You can follow his twitter if you have one. He talks about stuff you might like to hear and some you might not like. It's up to you. 

Nahh, Twitter isn't my thing, but still, thanks

Your Welcome.


I have my fingers crossed hoping this VN will continue being developed or any updates. I'm so engaged to the story and characters. It has been a wonderful reading experience. I only want a happy ending for those two!

Deleted 3 days ago

The song in the tavern left me speechless it was so good!! I thought it was a generic (but enjoyable) medevial type song until I noticed all the references to in game places. ShadyVox did such a good job :)


Now I play this song every day on my way to school.


Despite the odds you bounced back and made a amazing chapter that felt like a thriving and developing world, truly amazing work you've done.

Hello, my name is oloz.

I started playing FBTW-4.5.8 PC from itch yesterday,

But I found that only until chapter 7,

And FBTW- 0.13 PC starts from Chapter 13.

I want to know what I'm doing wrong and get help,



sorry i was stupid,

It turns out that playing FBTW- 0.13 PC directly is fine.

It does not begin with chapter thirteen, but chapter nine,

The original seventh chapter contains eight and nine chapters.

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Oh hey is the game done? Also Combine both versions like why is it in two it confuses me please and thanks keep up the good work I enjoy this a lot :)


Caelan is way too close to Caleb, the name I gave the mc, I didnt even noticed it the first time I read Caelan lmao 


I really wanna see it finished and ill say caelan reminds me of myself in way funny this released the year i was born i just hope nothing happens to ranok


You were born in 2020?




No i searched the game and it came out 2001 the year i was born


The game came out in 2020?


No 2001 or released

What game


The comments seem dry this update, i was looking forward to reading the long in-dept (sometimes argumentative) analysis comments explaining why a+b=c and why it makes sense, i find then helpful for reading in between the lines as well as reading other peoples opinions on the plot and story so far and how well its going

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Without going into a huge wall of text, damn this is insanely good. Hands down my favourite VN, especially with the latest chapter being so amazing. Caelan is an incredible protagonist, his character and role in the story are ingenious. I'm genuinely hyped to see how this progresses.

Why does  Blaidd Llywd play through have the children showing and a well background, but the version I have installed is missing the sprites and only has the dialog? Do I need to delete and re-install or something?

He was given a special version just for the video, those assets weren't completed by the time the public build came out too.

Ahh, Thanks!

im on the last chapter i hopre R takes me with him back to here tribe/home


All the love to kale and the team.

Loved the new chapter it made me happy


Great chapter. Loved everything about it. Just wish it hadn't taken so long


Loved it. Had the same complaint, he did say he'd release updates monthly but shorter, but life happens so we'll just have to wait whenever new update decide to come out.


did my teacher from kindergarden to collage fail me at mathclass or is this chapter "13" is suppose to be a peak story? XD sorry if it sound like an insult i didnt mean it like that


Does anyone have the full map of Avalan? 

For research purposes :3


Called him a Karen 👌

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Period. Caelan (and the leathermaker and the magistrate) cleared him good and proper, and I love that for them.

Ranok's rude brashness makes for some very amusing dialogue, especially with his poor lingual abilities (Very urgent. Much Diplomacy. Wow.)

This might be a dumb question but i cannot find the download for chapter 8 lol

You have to download 4.5.8, there are chapters 1-8, hope this helps <3 :*

I only see 1-7! And I just redownloaded it to double check and it still only says 1-7! Thank you for trying to help lol <3

I only see 1-7 to

Okay, so I just checked and to play chapter 8 u have to click this information above "chapter nine" and then it starts chapter 

Wait, what do you mean? I'm currently having the same issue where it only shows chapters 1-7, and I have the 4.5.8 version.

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