FBTW DevBlog #3

Hi there!

In preparations for the release of version 0.2 of FBTW, I’ve fixed some of the issues and bugs that were present within the 0.1 build.
Here is the list of what has changed:
-  new Ranok sprite added
-  fixed an issue with disappearing sprites
-  fixed an issue with sprite positioning
-  added game icon
-  credit screen added at the end
-  corrected spelling
- minor dialogue changes and extensions

All of the remaining issues raised but not address in this minor update will be touched upon in future builds. 
Thank you all for your amazing support and words of encouragement. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to maintain highest possible quality, while ensuring regular and substantial story updates. 
See you all at build 0.2!



FBTW-0.1.1.apk 141 MB
Sep 07, 2020
FBTW-0.1.1-linux 127 MB
Sep 07, 2020
FBTW-0.1.1-mac.zip 122 MB
Sep 07, 2020
FBTW-0.1.1-pc.zip 139 MB
Sep 07, 2020

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